torstai 19. tammikuuta 2012

Today I was priviledged.

... to hear about my friend's new niece.
... to take some time for myself in the morning and walk to town in a bright January sunshine.
... to find some bargain muesli bars from the Co-op.
... to get two delicious avocados from the wee veg shop.
... to send a surprise parcel to Finland.
... to drink a lovely pot of Earl Grey tea and try a new flavour on my scone and then only pay for the tea for the scone was from yesterday (still yummy) and I had picked up some new local words and a bit of accent that made the barista smile.
... to meet and greet and have conversations with our new fellow volunteer, an Indonesian Jesuit, an amazing man.
... to have so many of my dear volunteers back home again - I've missed them so much!

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