lauantai 14. tammikuuta 2012

I told others that...

Raspberry (how do you spell this?!) - white chocolate scone, apple and cinamon pancake and some organic Earl Grey with live music. The best way to start your Saturday on St George's Market.

Union Theological Seminary, Belfast.

Common Grounds Cafe, Belfast.

A wee memory from my past. Lives now as a doorstop-to-be in a carrier bag nest to my bed.

Lagan river.
... had an amazing day with the perfect Saturday market, great shopping, wonderful music workshop, a cosy cafe, interesting museum, lovely cinema, some more great shopping, lovely walks, gardens and the first spring flowers, L'Arche and dinner and D.
... you can laugh at me if you want but I still think Belfast is everything I always thought New York would be.

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