lauantai 28. tammikuuta 2012

And I voted number 2.

Morning bus to Dublin. Freezing cold, knitted half a sock, shared a bus with a lot of Asians and wondered how the border control knew to check this bus - and lift of bunch of co-travellers from it. The control is scary in a way.

Dublin was freezing cold too. For some reason the lovely footpaths along the river were closed. I had checked the opening times of the Amnesty International's Freedom Cafe but when I walked in it wasn't Amnesty cafe anymore. I sat down, had tea and a scone. The best scone I've ever had.

I walked to the terrible tourist trap, also known as Grafton, the shopping street between Temple Bar and St Stephen's Green. A quick visit to HMV was succesful - I now own the Coldplay's newest. I walked around the park twice before calling my dad for directions. The instructions and the front door pictures on the Finnish embassy's website don't really help if the embassy is actually inside the block and you can see only this much from the street. If you ffirst maage to take a look at the right gateway. Or what do you think?

Well, at least they had Fazer's chocolate (and patronising office ladies).

Then I babysat for fellow volunteers so that they had the chance to flee together to the nearest Starbuck's and chat on Facebook with each other. ;) The kids were great, they slept for two hours and played and ate bisquits for five before their parents returned. Nothing is cuter that a two-year-old who just woke up from a long nap!

I trotted back to the Ruby Duck Cafe and ate a salad that was so gorgeous that I got tears in my eyes (!). And tea and a scone, of course. The chef said I had a Finnish accent and that he used to have a Finnish girl friend.

The train ride back was brilliant, Connolly station was easy to navigate, ticket machines' default font size was huge and the train ride went smoothly.

And my awesome host family picked me up and brought me home. What more can a girl hope for?

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