lauantai 11. helmikuuta 2012

Standard Saturday.

Today I woke up to my daddy's phone call. The sun was shining, breakfast toast was as good as white toast with butter always is and my suggestion of a walk to town to a cafe got a positive response. I wrapped myself in layers of outdoor clothing and off we went, the three of us. The weather was perfect for a Saturday morning stroll down hill but the universe has decided something else: the centre director caught us after 50 metres and offered us a lift to the beach. Nice one!

As we took the few steps down to the beach I felt the water on the cold metal railing and smelled the wind - summer memories came back. Smiling, laughing volunteers walking to the beach in the soft sunset light, happy families with their toddlers on the beach.
We walked on the beach, the three of us. E. picked stones and kept on telling us how "we live in a paradise".

The cream tea was delicious, earl grey tea and clotted cream on my fresh blueberry scone made me relax in the warmth. We had conversations of life, small talk, food, future, our countries. It was nice, enjoyable quality life. Kaukana kavala maailma.

Afterwards we walked to the bus stop, E. was hoping to get to Coleraine and we decided to wait for 15-20 minutes and see what would happen. The bus never came, but we had time to talk about Toby Ord (I'll tell you later too!) and the decision making in humanitarian crisis. We saw the wonderful puppy and the dog-in-law of a friend family and then we heard the harmonica. Instead of Snufkin's approach it means that our volunteer family is nearby - Teuvo has discovered the instrument that we all get to enjoy.

And so we walked to town. Found a valentine's surprise for the kids next door. Bought some chocolate and goat cheese. The new Country Living was out and I got the last copy. Our veg shop was still open, I got my avocado and a few apples. The battery of my watch was changed for a bargain price and the bakery shopping was surprisingly cheap too. It is a sports day, the towns main street (that got the new only traffic lights this week) was roaming with sounds from the pub as men were watching football, rugby and horse racing. We went to our local and there was the better barman there! He heats the glass first, stirs the sugar in the hot water until it dissolves, only then adds the best possible whisky to the drink and adds the lemon slice with cloves in it as the very last detail. Oh my word how happy I was! E & Millie were laughing at me.

At home I had the most enjoyable late lunch or early dinner in a long time. Goat cheese, apple, good bread, porrige, milk, tea, brown sugar and a date scone.
Life doesn't get any better than this.

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