keskiviikko 17. heinäkuuta 2013

Call me mama! Godmama!

On Sunday night my friend called me and in the end of our lenghty conversation she asked if I'd like to be her firstborn's godmother. I am so delighted!

I've spent the last four days googling for gift options, enquiring my friends' experiences of gifts both as godparents and parents and googled a little more. There is so many traditions when it comes to baptism and some of them are just ridiculous if you ask me. Why should a 2-month old get cufflinks and who on earth wants to store their kid's first teeth in silver boxes once they come loose?!

My thoughts have wondered along the lines of traditional silver spoons with the wee one's details engraved in it or tiny silver cross necklaces. On the other hand a kickbike, a children's Bible or a good quality backpack for spare nappies and onsies for now and for daycare use later might've been nice.

In the end it looks like I'll end up with the most traditional: silver spoon. The same one I've got 26 years back.

Today the mailman brought me an invitation to the babtism. It says Godmother on the envelope and the card has F's tiny footprint on it. Am I getting old or what - there was an aaaawww and something wet in my eye after opening it...

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