tiistai 11. joulukuuta 2012

Mindblowing Monday, tajuton tiistai.

Yesterday was amazing. Last hours of my church history essay group. Afternoon that I can't really recall. Incredibly wonderful evening with my choir, some childhood winter fun outdoors, sugar rush and lots of good conversations. An American man on the tram, talking to strangers. Successful late night groceries.

And today one of my dearest friends came for a surprise morning visit at 7am! Luxury! Proper fish at uni lunch, Christmas card materials, another dear friend over for afternoon tea and this amazingness: I learnt how the Japanese multiply! Look at this video, it's mindblowing! Then I found a residential library from Wales and the researcher is coming over for some late dinner. So nice! Goodbye philosophy essay, why would I bother when there's multiplying and dinner to do!

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Sennie kirjoitti...

Mahtava! Lasten kanssa katsottiin juuri koulupäivän päätteeksi, ja T & minä heti kokeilemaan:)

Sennie kirjoitti...

Niin ja linkitin blogin facebookiin, toivottavasti ok - jos ei, laita viestiä niin poistan.