maanantai 24. joulukuuta 2012

Christmas Peace.

This year there's snow. Plenty of snow. I live in the 8th floor.

Milou, Nils and Sputnik are taking it easy in the fresh clean bed!

Giant bowl of tea. Difficult to catch the steam in the picture.


My first Christmas in my own home.
A very thorough Christmas clean-up, didn't reach the cupboards though as I'm not planning to spend my Christmas in the cupboards.
Good food, wine and some whisky.
Books and magazines, crafts and rest.

Enjoy the break my lovelies!

6 kommenttia:

Tanssiinan Anne kirjoitti...

Sounds lovely. Family Christmas is different. Quiet crafty Christmas feels like being on another planet. A good planet, all the same. I had one, once in England. and it was a great Christmas. Merry Christmas to your crafty and sweet home!

neitinomad kirjoitti...

It has indeed been lovely. Very different from the past ten-ish Christmases that have either been "mum's" or "dad's". This is mine, I'm home and there's nothing I'd have to do. Good food, decent company ;) I'd love to have friends over here as well but for this year I'm enjoying my Christmas as it is.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Sputnik ei näytäkään ihan kamalalta tässä kuvassa!
- Ex-Apt.täti N

neitinomad kirjoitti...

Sputnik on just ihana! Mut se saattaa kaivata vähän lisää niskatukea ennen pitkää, on välillä vähän pilkkimivät meiningit :)

henna kirjoitti...

voi kuin ihana tollain kettu tuol on! :-) super söpö!

neitinomad kirjoitti...

henna, eikös olekin! Ex-Apt. täti N sen mulle virkkasi, sen nimi on Sputnik!