lauantai 4. elokuuta 2012

One day some dreams came true.

Our community has one of the warmest and loveliest people I've ever met. One of them is a man that has been there since the very beginning and knows what the volunteers are all about.

When I first called him to arrange to meet him and visit his house (that word is such an understatement!) near Belfast he was delighted and ready to find time for me.

And what a wonderful day I had!

I got picked up from my host-home's doorstep.
We drove on the lovely country roads and arrived to a beautiful sight: an old mill, beautiful and quirky stone building turned into a house of an architect.

I took too few pictures but was so busy enjoying the space, the light, the company, that please try to understand.

I got strawberries, blueberries and icecream. A rare treat these days!

Took a walk in the garden. 

And then a surprise! A drive to Nendrum, a monastic site on a gorgeous spot on a tiny island.

A cuppa tea in the garden from funky tea mugs and off we went.

Before I got dropped off at my host-home's doorstep we stopped at a former radio station that is being converted into the coolest lofts I've ever seen live. If only I was working somewhere - this would be the time to buy lovely houses in this country!

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