perjantai 17. toukokuuta 2013

If Muurame went Ikea.

Today was full of hard work, let me tell you.
First an early swim in bright sunlight at 6.45am, then some tax justice campaign planning. That stuff is complicated, let me tell you! The planning meeting was in an NGOs office and I tried several times to tell the front desk which meeting I'm planning to attend but my brain just produced the word "tax" and some non-comprende type mumbling. The lady understood me anyhow.
Then my very best brother drove 2h to help me move, smiled nicely as we carried some Muurame and Artek furniture. Let me tell you, it's no Ikea - weighs about a ton!
The trousers I bought him in Berlin fit perfectly. Super slim fit, low waist and a whole lot of attributes I did not understand.

Tomorrow, the move is to be continued.

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