tiistai 16. huhtikuuta 2013

Those who go unseen.

I read the news of Boston last night right before going to bed.
Woke up in the morning to find out all my local friends had checked in on Facebook, they were all fine - such a relief.
Horrible, horrible incident. A lovely, cheerful event turned into a nightmare.

After following the Finnish media, the US media, the UK media and the social media today I've gradually become more and more uncomfortable.
Why do the news make this into such a big event even here in Finland that it is listed as the no 1 news story and the briefings from Boston are streamed live?
Why does nobody talk about the 30 odd human lives that were lost in bomb attacks in Iraq yesterday?

I know. In the news a Western life is worth much more than any other life. That's just the way it is.
I understand the logic, even though I don't accept it.

In the afternoon the peace organization where I volunteered last year stated their deepest condolences on Facebook, written by the leader of the community.
That's when I got frustrated.
Not because of the community sharing their feelings and letting the Bostonians know about their support.
But for all the conflicts, attacks and lost lives that go unnoticed by that same peace community.
Why did nobody say a word for the young people on Utoya in Norway when a gunman killed tens after tens of youth in the summer 2011? Sorry, eventually someone brought it up in a worship days later when I requested as I was upset.
Why weren't the Syrian and Congolese civilians remembered daily for the lives they lose in their contries every day?
Expressing ones feelings, sympathy and support is important.
But when a community expresses it, it becomes political.
First their should be a plan, a strategy to guide the decisionmaking. 
Who get our support? Who do we leave out?

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