sunnuntai 17. kesäkuuta 2012

If I moved to Glasgow.

My friend Miss Canada is moving to Glasgow in the autumn. Her motivation is a Significant Other but at times the thought of moving yet another foreign city in a foreign country causes temporary freaking out. But do not worry, miss Canada! You will love this place.

On my way to and from Iona my first and last stop is Glasgow and I was asked to take photos of things and places that make me thing I would like to live in this place.

This is the start.

Instead of telling her that the bus driver from the airport to the city centre was more the rude, non-talkative Finnish type than the chatty and charming Irishman and you can't get change from the buses I will tell her to buy a bicycle. Nothing is very far from anything.

What I might tell her though is that there is a place on the way from the airport to the city that smells like p**p. But don't worry, it gets better.

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