lauantai 28. huhtikuuta 2012


The founder of our community passed away last week. The memorial service was gigantic with around 1000 guests. This weekend the community members have gathered together to one of the community weekends of the year and tonight we had our evening worship in his memory. Some stories were passed on, some sad and some hilarious. These two and the laughter are on my mind.

When the new site manager started in his job these words of encouragement were given:
"In this job you will meet some weird and extraordinary people that you won't meet anywhere else. Don't worry - the place seems to attract them."

Our community being a place where each one of us crosses boundaries and takes on jobs and chores that we've never tried before. On the early stages of the community one similar, great task was taken on by a community member who was slightly concerned of his ability to fulfil it. "What happens if this won't work?" he asked. "You will learn a lot" was the answer.

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